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2012 B.L.E.N.D. Awards

We are pleased to announce the 2012 B.L.E.N.D. Awards! We will be accepting entries from all of Minneapolis again this year.   

The B.L.E.N.D. Award encourages and rewards builders, architects, and home owners to blend newly remodeled or constructed homes and businesses into the fabric of Minneapolis neighborhoods. A jury of industry professionals and neighborhood residents will select projects for recognition awards.  Eligible projects include new buildings, renovation or additions to existing buildings, and landscape projects that have been completed since July 1, 2007; projects must be located within the boundaries of the City of Minneapolis.     

NEW THIS YEAR! In partnership with Linden Hills Power and Light (LHP&L) we are creating a new category of award: The E.CO. B.L.E.N.D Award (Ecologically Conscience Buildings and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood through Design). We would like to recognize that in addition to creating buildings and landscapes that respect the neighborhood, projects can be designed to respect our planet as well.    


Submission deadline 7/30

Recipient(s) announced 8/15

Presentation of Awards T.B.A.

Please visit the The B.L.E.N.D. Award website for more information and entrance criteria for both the B.L.E.N.D. and the E.CO. B.L.E.N.D. Awards.   

The B.L.E.N.D. Award is sponsored by the Fulton Neighborhood Association.      

The E.CO. B.L.E.N.D. Award is sponsored by Linden Hills Power and Light.   

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