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NRP Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association NRP Committee Meeting Minutes 12/5/2012

Notes from the Fulton NRP meeting of December 5, 2012


John Finlayson, Jeff Alden, Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye


The committee approved the minutes of the 11/7/12 meeting.


Fulton Neighborhood News

Ruth will send the neighborhood e-newsletter out this week.  Fulton Neighborhood News will be delivered the first week of January to publicize the 1/9 FNA meeting featuring a presentation by City Council Members Hodges and Quincy about the proposed changes in airport flight paths.


 Fulton Farmers Market

With the goal of increasing awareness of and attendance at the Fulton Farmers Market, Jeff presented a list of ideas for which the market may request funding from FNA, including:

  • Collaborative public art projects which could be created by children attending the market, such as 1) a sculpture or art installation (a willow tunnel or wall, to be precise) and 2) lawn signs featuring the market logo which could be displayed throughout the neighborhood.
  • Banners with the market logo which could be installed on utility poles along 50th St.
  • Billboard(s) in the neighborhood publicizing the market.

Jeff has done some preliminary research on these ideas and has developed a rough budget totaling $8,000, of which the Kingfield Farmers Market would probably fund $2,000.  There was a discussion about the merits and feasibility of each of the ideas.  Jeff will present the proposal to the FNA Board at its 12/12 meeting to find out if there is support for pursuing any of the ideas further.

Safety committee

The Safety committee will not meet in December.


Walking path along Minnehaha Creek

Representatives from Fulton, Lynnhurst, and Armatage will meet with Park Board staff on 12/17 to discuss next steps for the proposal to install additional pathways along Minnehaha Creek to help connect those neighborhoods.

Notes prepared by Dave Delvoye.


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