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FNA Board Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 1/9/2013.

Minutes of January 9, 2013

FNA Board Meeting

Board Members Present:  Jeff Alden,  Jeremy Abbs,  Ellen Berner, John Finlayson,  Steve Haslach, Ryan Kelley,  Jane Kohnen, Brad Orschel, Jim Tincher and Lynn Steele

Guests:   Ruth Olson, Nikki Friederich, Matt Perry, Betsy Hodges, John Quincy and approximately 80 other neighbors.

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Minutes:  Minutes from the December 12, 2012 FNA meeting were reviewed.  Steve H. moved to approve the Minutes as presented; Jeremy seconded the motion.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.  The 2013 annual budget will be discussed at the February FNA meeting.  John moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented; Ryan seconded the motion.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Announcements:  Jim made two important announcements

  1. There will be a community vote regarding further support for the Farmers Market on 2/13/13.
  2. Consideration is being given to park/water access and environmental concerns at Minnehaha Creek.  Funds may be available in 2018.  Feedback will begin being gathered in summer 2013.

Pershing Park Director’s Report:  Nikki Friederich reported on current Park issues:

  • Ice skating rinks are open.  Linden Hills Winterfest is scheduled for Jan. 25.

Council Member’s Report:  Councilmember Hodges reported:

  • Minneapolis Fire Department is hiring for the first time since 2006.  Fifteen firefighters will be hired.
  • Minneapolis Step-Up, a low-income youth summer job program, is now accepting applications.
  • The 2013 City Budget was passed in Dec.  70% of homeowners will see a decrease or no increase in their property tax rate.  Amendments for CPS funding and the Domestic Violence Prosecution Program were added.

Infill Housing Ordinance:  Council Member Hodges also addressed concerns regarding current housing trends in Fulton; all of Ward 13 is seeing an increase in building and remodeling.   Many neighbors are concerned with small homes being torn down to allow for the construction of large homes.  The City enacted an ordinance in 2007 which ties the size of the home to the size of the lot while enforcing strict setbacks.  The maximum height for a new home is 30 feet, measured from the natural grade.  Although the City cannot legislate design choices, they have encouraged detached garages, porches, etc.  If a certain property is under question, residents can contact Betsy’s office or call 311.  Further resident concerns regarding the size of the backyard and removal of trees were addressed.

Update on Proposed Flight Path Changes at MSP Airport:  Council Members Hodges (Ward 13) and Quincy (Ward 11) provided an overview and update on the proposed changes.  The FAA wants to change the rules by which planes take-off.  They would like to implement Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and developed Radar Navigation (RNAV) paths that concentrate flight take-offs into narrow paths.  The City felt that there was not sufficient community engagement or environmental study on this issue and asked the FAA to slow down the process.  In an unprecedented move, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) supported the City in its request and approved a partial implementation of the proposed routes over the southern metro area, but not for those routes going over south and southwest Minneapolis.  Many thanks go out to MAC Chair Dan Boivin, Governor Dayton, Senators Franken and Klobuchar, State Senator Dibble and State Representative Hornstein (Chairs of Senate and House Transportation Committees, respectively.)  The City of Minneapolis does not have a voice in these decisions.

It is possible that the proposal may still be implemented, but the City would like input on what the routes will look like.  It also wants more community engagement and environmental study.  The results may show that RNAV isn’t right for Minneapolis- the flight tracks are not following Compatible Land Use criteria.  The City is not interested in adding noise to areas that did not have if before, nor are they interested in focusing noise in fewer areas.  The impact of the noise should be a shared burden with fair and equitable distribution.

Council Member Quincy recommends that residents and neighborhoods stay informed and involved.  The City can be an organizer, but it is our Federal Representatives who have direct impact with the FAA.  An advisory group of many southwest neighborhoods, Southwest Airport Advocacy Team (SWAAT), is in the process of forming.  This group can provide a cohesive voice and provide feedback to our representatives.  They will keep tabs on current actions and provide information back to neighborhoods.  The FAA is expected to have some sort of response at the next Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) meeting on 1/16.  The City will support giving consideration to state-wide transportation issues and developing the use of smaller, regional airports (Rochester, St. Cloud, etc).

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • The Neighborhood and Community Relations Department is updating its Grievance and Americans with Disabilities Act policies.  Anyone interested in reviewing the changes and making comments can contact Ruth.
  • A Wishlist Survey was taken at the Farmers Market and Fulton Fall Festival.  It is now available on the website.  Responses can help guide FNA as to future activities and funding priorities.

Raingarden Update:  Steve H. reported on the continued efforts of FNA to support a raingarden on 49th and Chowen to mitigate stormwater runoff and promote educational information to home and business owners.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety:  Dave Delvoye reported eight crimes in Fulton over the past month.  He stressed the importance of locking homes, garages and cars.

New Business:  Matt Perry, President of NEHBA, presented the new promotional materials for the business association.  They cover 50 business nodes and have more than 230 members.  They have applied for the next round of façade improvement grant funds; if this grant is received, it will cover the nodes at 50th & Penn and 50th & Xerxes.  They have also applied for a marketing grant.

A resident expressed concern regarding traffic now being diverted from 54th St (due to the new traffic circles) to 53rd St.  It was recommended that she contact Betsy Hodges office to request a traffic count study.

Further discussion was had regarding the proposed Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP) for further support to the Fulton Farmers Market.  More specifics about the plan will be available at the 2/13 FNA meeting.  This plan is being proposed due to a request from a resident.  There are further funds to address other requests available.  The Wishlist Survey may provide guidance to FNA as to what other projects to pursue.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.             


Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator

Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________

Signed: _____________________________________

                       Jeff Alden, Secretary

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