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NRP Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association NRP Committee Meeting Minutes 1/2/2013.

Notes from the Fulton NRP meeting of January 2, 2013


John Finlayson, Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye


The committee approved the minutes of the 12/5/12 meeting.

Fulton Neighborhood News

Fulton Neighborhood News will be delivered a week early in order to publicize the 1/9 FNA meeting featuring presentations by Council Members Hodges and Quincy about proposed changes to airport flight paths.  Hodges will also address concerns about the increase in teardowns and rebuilds of houses in the neighborhood.

 Fulton Farmers Market

FNA will consider using Neighborhood Priority Program funds to provide further financial support to the Fulton Farmers Market.  The timeline includes: 1) presentation and community vote at the 2/13 FNA Board meeting; 2) on the agenda of the 3/19 meeting of the NRP Policy Board; 3) on the agenda of the 4/12 meeting of the City Council.  If the proposal is approved on that timeline, funds would be available to spend on 4/22.

Minnehaha Creek corridor

Representatives from Fulton, Lynnhurst, and Armatage neighborhood associations met with Park Board staff in late December to continue the discussion about how to improve the Minnehaha Creek corridor shared by the three neighborhoods.  Community engagement efforts regarding the issue will begin in the spring.  Southwest Journal is publishing an article about the project.

Notes prepared by Dave Delvoye

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