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Public Hearing for Liquor License on April 29



Date:  Tuesday, April 29, 2014     

Time:  1:30 or shortly thereafter

Place:  Minneapolis City Hall, Room 317

              350 South 5th Street

              Minneapolis MN, 55415

Purpose:  To present information and solicit comments for the application from Agra Culture Kitchen & Press for an On Sale Wine with Strong Beer license. There will be 60 seats inside the restaurant for guests and 36 seats on the outside patio. If approved, they intend to operate a full service restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Applicant’s Name (Legal Entity): Agra Culture Kitchen& Press, LLC

Complete Address:   3717 W. 50th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410   

Telephone Number:  612-845-8938

Current License(s):  None

Requested License(s): On Sale Wine with Strong Beer, Class E

Nature of Entertainment: Class E allows the use of radio, television, taped music, karaoke and jukebox

Off Street Parking:  The Zoning Administrator has determined that 8 off street parking spaces are required.  All parking is located in the same building as Agra Culture.

You are invited to attend, express your opinions, and/or submit such in writing. Please contact Mohamed Ismail at  or 612-673-3904.

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