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Fulton Festival Silent Auction Coordinator Needed

silent auction

Every year FNA celebrates this great neighborhood with our Fall Festival (this year on 9/10). A big part of our festival is the Silent Auction and we just found out that our volunteer SA Coordinator is moving out of state. Is there anyone out there with a love of your neighborhood who could step in and help us with this important community building and fundraising effort? The current Coordinator is a professional organizer and has all of the materials impeccably organized with a good infrastructure all set up and ready to go. She is willing to meet with you and help transition this role before she leaves at the end of June.

Getting involved with the Silent Auction is a great way to meet people and make connections right here in your own neighborhood.

If you’d like to help but feel like you can’t take on the whole thing, we’d be happy to also consider doing this by committee with two or three volunteers.

Please contact us at if you are interested. Thanks for considering.

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