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Finance Committee Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 11/2/2016



Notes from the Fulton Finance committee meeting of November 2, 2016


John Finlayson, Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye

Administrative items

Fulton Neighborhood News will be delivered the weekend of 11/12.  The FNA Board will elect officers at its 11/9 meeting.

Community Engagement committee

The Fall Festival project has been wrapped up.  Ruth plans to work with the Board on neighborhood networking events for 2017.

Safety committee

Ruth reported that, according to Pershing Park staff, fights involving SWHS students have been occurring at the park for at least the past three weeks.  These incidents happen during lunch breaks at the school.  Park police have established a regular presence during these times, with a squad parking in the lot at the park to deter the violence.  Dave with follow up with CPS Waisanen at the 5th Precinct.

2017 – 2019 Community Participation Program (CPP) application

The committee reviewed Ruth’s draft of FNA’s application for funding through the City’s Community Participation Program for the next three years, made a few changes, and recommended that the FNA Board approve it.

Other business

Ruth reported on the status of the Fix It Fund loan program.  The four neighborhoods involved – Fulton, Lynnhurst, Armatage, and Kenny – both together and individually have made about $600,000 in loans, using up all of the funds that were available.  All of FNA’s funds were loaned to neigbhborhood residents before the four-neighborhood pool was even started, and Fulton residents received about $25,000 for two loans through the pool after that.  There are currently three new applications for loans, none of them from Fulton residents.  FNA has received $9,519 in loan repayments and interest from the program so far.  There was a discussion about whether FNA should reinvest the money into the program, hold on to it until the amount is greater, or use it for some other purpose which was the original plan.  The FNA Board can consider the options.

Ruth reported that the Southwest Journal is planning to do a feature article on the neighborhood soon.  The Environment committee’s pollinator protection project might be publicized.

Notes prepared by Dave Delvoye


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