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FNA Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 12/14/2016

Minutes of December 14, 2016

FNA Meeting

Board Members Present:  John Finlayson, Jane Kohnen, Mary Jordan and Jim Tincher

Guests:  Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye, Kimberly Rubel and Patty Day

Meeting called to order at 7:14 p.m.  There were no additions or revisions to the agenda. Introductions were held.

Minutes:  Minutes from November 9, 2016 were not reviewed as there was not a Board quorum present.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim reviewed the monthly Treasurer’s Report.  There was little activity in November other than normal expenses and the utility box wraps.

Pershing Park Report: Diane Moe reported:

  • 12 basketball, 4 hockey and one wrestling teams this winter.
  • Previous Pershing Park Director Scott Erazmus and his wife have welcomed their first baby.
  • There was a meeting with school and park officials, which Blaire also attended, about the behavior concerns at Pershing Park. Problems continue, but have slowed.

Ward 13 Report: Policy Aide Patty Day reported:

  • Ward 13 and MPRB are making another attempt to pass a smoke free ordinance at Minneapolis Parks.
  • The 2017 City Budget has been passed with a 5.5% property tax levy increase. Included in the budget:
    • 15 new police officers
    • $1M for community strategies for public safety
    • 20 year parks and streets agreement
    • $14.5M for affordable housing
    • 3 full time positions to help new business start-ups
    • Funding for Safe Routes to School
    • Additional auditor in the Auditor’s Office
    • $150K domestic abuse prevention
    • $67K to expand youth violence prevention
    • Funds to work with St. Paul to explore universal pre-K
  • The Islamophobia forum on 12/12 was well attended. Upcoming forums will focus on sustainability and the 2040 plan.
  • Body cameras are now standard on all police officers. The Auditors Department will perform some reviews.
  • FNA asked Ward 13 to be actively involved with the Trail Improvement planning for Minnehaha Creek and to help coordinate with Public Works to look at removing the spillways and York and Washburn.

FNA Small Grants: Only one grant has been submitted to date. Ruth will post on social media again and Ward 13 will put it in their end of year e-newsletter.

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • The Attorney General Report is done, but will have to wait until January for approval since there was not a quorum of Board Members present at the meeting.
  • Ruth and Jim will work on scheduling a Networking event at Pig and Fiddle for February and use the January newsletter to advertise it.
  • The Board was also encouraged to think about other small-scale events that FNA could host throughout the year.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety: There were 12 reports this past month from a wide variety of incidents. So far this year there have been 21 Theft from Motor Vehicle reports; last year at this time there had been 16.
  • Environmental: The committee will present a proposal in January for funding a Neighborhood Forests project. They have been requested to present an Annual Plan and budget early in the year.
  • Housing: The Southwest Fix It Fund pool continues to be out of funds and Fulton has received several inquiries about funding. The other three neighborhoods have all identified further funding. No discussion and vote could be taken on this issue since a quorum of Board Members was not present.
  • Arts: All four utility boxes have now been wrapped. We will focus an article on this project in the next FNN and will also ask for a volunteer to lead an effort for original art submissions for additional boxes.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:18 p.m.          

Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator

Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________

Signed: _____________________________________

                       Blaire Hartley, Secretary

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