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FNA Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 1/11/2017

Minutes of January 11, 2017

FNA Meeting

Board Members Present:  Mike Derus, John Finlayson, Blaire Hartley, Steve Haslach, Mary Jordan, Jane Kohnen, Kimberly Rubel and Steve Young

Guests:  Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye, Diane Moe, Matt Perry, CM Linea Palmisano and Nate Gotlieb

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.  There were no additions or revisions to the agenda. Introductions were held.

Minutes:  Minutes from December 14, 2016 were reviewed. Blaire moved to approve the Minutes; John seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Ruth reviewed the monthly and quarterly Treasurer’s Reports in Jim’s absence. 

New Board Member: Mike moved to appoint Kimberly Rubel to the FNA Board; Steve Y. seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote. There is still one open position on the Board.

Pershing Park Report: Diane Moe reported:

  • Diane’s boss, Mari Steinbach is leaving her position as Recreation Supervisor.
  • The meeting with school, Student Council reps and park officials, which Blaire also attended, about the behavior concerns at Pershing Park went well. 18 kids were cited by Park Police on 1/4.
  • Diane would like to combine the Movie in the Park with the Ice Cream Social and asks FNA to partner on the event with either funding or volunteers. Mike moved for FNA to buy up to $300 of ice cream and supplies for the event; Mary seconded the motion. Ruth will arrange the ice cream portion of the event. The event will be on 7/21 and Pershing has been assigned Minions.

Ward 13 Report: Council Member Linea Palmisano reported:

  • CM Palmisano will be available/in touch when possible during her maternity leave will cast votes as possible on important issues.
  • Ken Dahler has moved to a new position in the City Clerk’s office; Kendal Killian will be the new Senior Policy Aide for Ward 13.
  • Based on a previous request from FNA, CM Palmisano is trying to ensure that the City/Public Works, MPRB and the Watershed District are working in coordination around possible Creek improvements in 2018. FNA will consider hosting another Creek Walk since there are several new people involved.
  • There isn’t any new information about the closing of Dairy Queen. The owners do not intend to sell the property and are looking at options for what to do with the property.
  • A major development at 49 1/2th & France (on the Edina side) is slated for 2018. Several parking ramps, parking lots and other lots will be developed for mixed use. The stop light at that intersection will be reviewed for possible changes to make traffic flow easier. Also, the Post Office will lose its lease in 2021. This is an important asset to the area; FNA will help work with all parties to identify a new site. Rep. Keith Ellison will need to be involved.
  • The Special Service District at 50th & France is discussing upgraded sidewalks and landscaping.
  • Upton 43 is pursuing a full liquor license, which will require exemption from the State of MN. This is necessary due to antiquated ordinances in Minneapolis.
  • A pedestrian crossing at 50th & Drew has been denied by Hennepin County. Steve Young will follow-up as we had no knowledge of the vote or the opportunity to add input from the affected community.
  • The Council Office is aware of USI’s approval to cross Minnehaha Creek and make fiber an option south and west of Minnehaha Creek.

FNA Small Grants: Three grant applications were received. The Board would like to pursue the normal review and approval process even though the funding requested was not high. Blaire, Mary and Kimberly volunteered to help Bart with this.

Brainstorming: Jane asked the Board to brainstorm possible projects and events for Fulton neighborhood. Some of the ideas included:

  • A survey – either by mail or newsletter
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Creek Walk
  • Crime Prevention
  • Neighborhood History
  • Post Office issues
  • Bike Registration event

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • The Attorney General Report was reviewed. John moved to approve and submit the report; Blaire seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • Ruth and Jim are working on the Winter Networking Event, which has been scheduled for 2/6 at Pig & Fiddle. It was suggested to hold a prize drawing – maybe for neighborhood mugs.
  • FNA no longer uses the big blue sandwich boards stored in the attic at Pershing Park. Diane will take a photo and Ruth will list on social media to see if anyone wants them.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety: There has been a spike in reports in Fulton. There is little violent crime, but burglaries and Theft from Motor Vehicle reports are up. There appear to be a higher number of incidents along commercial corridors. Precinct wide, burglaries decreased in 2016.
  • Community Engagement: The 2017 Fulton Fall Festival has been scheduled for 9/9.
  • Finance: The Environmental Committee has been requested to submit a budget for the entire year.
  • Environmental: The committee is proposing a partnership and funding for a Neighborhood

Forests project.

  • Housing: A contract amendment is underway for additional loan funds to the Fix It Fund pool; Fulton has committed $20K from program income.

New Business: Meg Forney, MPRB Commissioner-at-Large reported that the Lakes Calhoun and Harriet Master Plan will open for public comment on 1/18. The first $3.7M will focus on trail and access improvements at northeast Calhoun and southeast Harriet. She would like to see more traffic calming measures and improvements on Lake Street.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.              

Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator

Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________

Signed: _____________________________________

                       Blaire Hartley, Secretary

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