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Finance Committee Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 3/1/2017

Notes from the Fulton Finance committee meeting of March 1, 2017


John Finlayson, Jim Tincher, Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye


Fulton Neighborhood News will be delivered next week.

Community Engagement

  • The networking event on 2/6 went well. There is a suggestion to have FNA sponsor two such events per year.
  • FNA should survey seniors in the neighborhood to determine their level of interest in possible educational programs or projects.
  • A neighborhood-wide survey to determine issues of importance to community members could be timed for distribution with an upcoming edition of Fulton Neighborhood News.

Other business

The committee reviewed Ruth’s draft of FNA’s 2016 report to the Community Participation Program and recommended that the Board approve it at the 3/8 meeting.

The committee reviewed Ruth’s draft of FNA’s 2017 Neighborhood Priority Plan and recommended that the Board approve it at the 3/8 meeting.  The plan, with a total budget of $4,935, includes continuing the small grants program and adding two new projects: senior education, and biking and pedestrian friendly events which would include Open Streets.

There was a discussion about FNA’s relationship with Pershing Park over the past year and what may be in store for 2017.

With the news that another bar and restaurant is moving into a space at 50th & Ewing, three FNA Board members are looking at ways to address parking issues in the neighborhood in a consistent and effective manner.

Notes prepared by Dave Delvoye

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