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FNA Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/2017

Minutes of March 8, 2017

FNA Meeting

Board Members Present:  Katharine Brown, John Finlayson, Blaire Hartley, Steve Haslach, Jane Kohnen, Jim Tincher and Steve Young

Guests:  Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye, Greg Putnam, Charlie Casserly and Kendal Killian

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.  One addition was made to the agenda.

Minutes:  Minutes from February 8, 2017 FNA meeting were reviewed. Blaire moved to approve the Minutes; Jim seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed; annual bills for insurance were paid. It was confirmed that Fulton will receive approximately $116K back from the City due to the funding freeze in 2010. This will be paid out over two years.

Ward 13 Report: Policy Aide Kendal Killian reported:

  • A utility pole unexpectedly fell down at 50th & Drew and damaged a car; it has been determined that the pole was rusty and failed due to the rust. Other poles in the area were inspected and have been declared safe. Kendall will check into the possibility of poles in the area being replaced in the near future with LED light poles.
  • The City Council Committee of the Whole has received the recommendations of the Audit Committee in regards to public data sharing.
  • The annual $25 tree sale is being conducted by lottery this year from 3/13 to 3/20.
  • The proposed $15 minimum wage discussion is still taking place. The City Coordinators office will put out a report in May and then the City Council will decide next steps.
  • There is a Pre-Emption bill that has been proposed at the state level supporting that workplace regulations (sick time, minimum wage and plastic bag bans) be decided on the state level, rather than ending up with a hodge podge of municipal ordinances. The Governor has indicated that he will veto a bill if it passes.
  • The city-wide plastic bag ban will be implemented on 6/1; no regulatory enforcement infrastructure has been put in place.
  • The sick-leave ordinance previously approved by the City Council will go into effect on 7/1. Kendall will clarify how this is applied to companies based in other cities but doing business in Minneapolis. He will also look into enforcement.
  • A question was posed about replacement of other light poles along 50th St.; Kendall will clarify the plan with the County.

Twin Cities Beach Blast: Charlie Casserly reported that Twin Cities Beach Blast, a non-profit group, has been formed to bring back the milk carton boat races and sand castle sculpture contest that used to be part of the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration. Both events will be held at Thomas Beach (Lake Calhoun) on July 16. There are milk carton boat building workshops scheduled at Linden Hills and Lynnhurst parks. Charlie will send electronic info and Ruth will help advertise.

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Survey – Small group will meet on 3/27 to begin discussing a survey to the neighborhood.
  • Parking – The small group already met and is looking at ways to make the various Critical Parking Areas more efficient and uniform. They are gathering data and will then form a committee including FNA, the City, residents and business owners. They can formulate a plan and then present it to the broader community.
  • Seniors – An initial notice was put into the FNN requesting ideas for senior education programming. This topic can also be part of the Survey.

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • Ruth reviewed the Elections Policy from the City and how to handle candidates at meetings and larger events.
  • The proposed 2016 Annual Report was reviewed. Jim moved to approve and submit the Annual Report with two small changes; John seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • The Priority Plan establishing priorities for ongoing Small Grants as well as senior programming and bike/ped friendly events was reviewed. John moved to approve and submit the Priority Plan; Jim seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • Ruth attended the Minimum Wage Listening Session on 3/1. There appeared to be a lot of business owners and wage advocates, but few actual workers.
  • The Future of Neighborhoods meeting has been rescheduled to May 8.
  • Ruth’s contract was reviewed and renewed for the same number of hours at $33/hour.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety: There were only three reports in the past month. The robbery at 53rd & Ewing/France was between two non-residents who were meeting at a neutral location for the exchange of goods.
  • Streetscape: The committee is still pursuing crosswalks on 50th and at Xerxes/47th.
  • Housing: The returned NRP funds will need to be spent mostly in Housing related strategies. This could be ongoing low-interest loans, affordable housing, etc.
  • Arts: Someone has reached out to our request looking for an artist to help do another round of Utility Wraps using submitted art. Blaire has spoken with her about identifying themes and values that reflect Fulton for the next round; she will invite her to attend the next FNA meeting. The Board is supportive of spending the funds for another round of wraps.

Old Business: Rich Nyquist has established contact with MPRB Commissioner Brad Bourn about Minnehaha Creek Trail Improvements and the community engagement work done by FNA in the past. Rich is also involved with a community planning group for the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and will reach out to James Whisker of MCWD to continue the discussions.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator

Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________

Signed: _____________________________________

                       Blaire Hartley, Secretary

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