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FNA Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 4/12/2017

Minutes of April 12, 2017

FNA Meeting

Board Members Present:  John Finlayson, Blaire Hartley, Steve Haslach, Mary Jordan, Jane Kohnen, Kimberly Rubel and Jim Tincher

Guests:  Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye, Diane Moe and Bob Fine

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.  There were no additions or revisions to the agenda. Mike Derus has resigned from the FNA Board.

Minutes:  Minutes from March 8, 2017 FNA meeting were reviewed. Steve H. moved to approve the Minutes; John seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.

Ward 13 Report: Ruth presented a written report from Ward 13:

  • The public hearing for the Calhoun-Harriet Master Plan is at 6:30 p.m. on April 19.
  • Spring Street Sweeping will begin soon; check the city website for an interactive map.
  • Ward 13 is working with MPRB to address the damaged bridge at 52nd & Morgan.
  • Yard waste collection began this week.
  • The second half of the W. 54th St. construction project will begin on April 17. The majority of the work will be from Penn to Humboldt, but the entire section from Penn to Lyndale will be closed for the construction season.
  • There is a mayoral event, “One Minneapolis in the Time of Trump” on Monday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Shir Tikvah at 50th St. & Minnehaha Parkway.

Housing Loan Program Update: We have received notice from our housing loan program administrator, GMHC, that they will be significantly raising our administrative fees beginning June 1, 2017. We need to let them know by May 19 if we accept the new terms or want to discontinue our contract. The new terms call for a $2,500 annual fee plus a 13% origination fee on each loan processed. For the Fix It Fund cooperative program that includes four neighborhoods, each neighborhood would need to pay the $2,500 annual fee as they each maintain a separate Emergency Loan program. The Board discussed the implications of these higher fees and agreed that they were too high to continue our program as it is structured right now. Currently, the City does not have a program available to us that could fill the gap for home loans at a reasonable administrative rate. Alternative ways of spending housing money were also discussed, such as grants, senior rental assistance, Section 8 assistance, affordable housing projects and grants to seniors to modify their homes.  A committee will need to be formed to better research these ideas and others in the future. Ruth will attend an informational meeting on April 20. Blaire moved, per the terms of the April 3, 2017 letter from GMHC, that we discontinue our existing program; Steve H. seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote. This decision can be revisited if additional information is presented at the April 20 meeting that would significantly change the proposed new fee structure.

Pershing Park Report: Diane Moe reported:

  • There are 220 kids registered for spring sports.
  • The Summer Program is now available for registration.
  • She is working on the Fall program offerings right now.
  • Pershing’s preschool/Pre-K program has been successful in the past, but attendance has dwindled and the program was discontinued. She is hopeful to bring it back in the future if interest increases.
  • Bossen Field will be under construction this summer and Pershing will host some adult softball leagues on Monday evenings.
  • ADA accessible improvements to the Pershing Rec Center are expected in 2017.
  • Pershing will be happy to host FNA’s Annual Meeting in October.
  • Many trees have been removed from Pershing Park and MPRB is starting to plant replacements.

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Survey – The small group has met and decided to start with open community feedback opportunities (Farmers Market, Movie Night, Open Streets, Festival, etc.) and then use those results to populate a survey. We will then hold a community meeting once the survey results are available. This work will begin over the summer.
  • Parking – Unsure about next steps- they may wait until Coalition opens and see how the neighbors respond.
  • Seniors – Only one response came out of the request for ideas for senior programming. We will make this a focus area of the survey. It was noted that we don’t want to duplicate offerings from Southwest Community Ed, but we might want to focus on daytime classes with easier access than Southwest High School.

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • Ruth reminded Board Members to try to attend the Future of Neighborhoods meeting on 5/ 8.
  • The website was hacked and Ruth and Courtney have worked to get it cleaned up and secured- this will result in yearly security costs. Courtney is moving and will no longer be able to manage our website. However, she has recommended a web developer in the neighborhood and will work with him to transfer information and make the needed updates.
  • The Pershing Ice Cream Social/Movie Night is scheduled for July 21. Ruth has been able to book the Crosstown Community Band and would like to make a $150 donation for their time. It is difficult for the park to pay this as the Band would have to register as a Vendor and it takes a lot of paperwork. The Board agreed to pay the $150 donation and Diane will purchase a couple of sandwich boards instead for both park and FNA use at future events.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety: There were only four reports in the past month and it is still pretty quiet in Fulton despite a higher number of incidents in the 5th Precinct. The MPD will continue to monitor 5133 Zenith and express any concerns directly to City of Lakes Land Trust.
  • Zoning: The committee has reviewed variance requests at 3622 52nd St. It is a reverse corner lot and the committee does not object to the variances required to add a second story as long as it stays within the existing footprint of the home. The FNA Board accepts and agrees with the recommendation of the Zoning Committee and will ask Chair Chris Strom to send a letter.

Old Business: FNA and LYNAS will host a Creekwalk on June 3 to reacquaint local decision makers with the needs of this area of Minnehaha Creek. Jane will send out an invitation and Bob Fine will speak with MPRB staff about their attendance and input.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 p.m.          


Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator


Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________


Signed: _____________________________________

                       Blaire Hartley, Secretary

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