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Finance Committee Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 5/3/2017

Notes from the Fulton Finance committee meeting of May 3, 2017 


John Finlayson, Jane Kohnen, Jim Tincher, Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye 


The upcoming issue of Fulton Neighborhood News will be delivered during the second weekend in May.  The creek walk with public officials is set for 6/3.

Community Engagement committee

The first planning meeting for the Fall Festival will take place in late May.

Safety committee

The resident of 5133 Zenith Ave left a voicemail message for FNA and asked to speak with someone about the steps she has taken to resolve problems at that address and to apologize for the concern her property has caused in the neighborhood.  Jane agreed to respond, and afterwards will contact the block leader(s) to inform them of the conversation.

Environment committee

There was a discussion about providing copy cards from the UPS Store for the committee.


Ruth reported on a recent meeting downtown between staff from the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation and representatives of neighborhood organizations which use GMHC to manage their loan programs.  FNA plans to opt out of the southwest neighborhoods Fix It Fund program which is managed by GMHC because of new fees and rates which will soon be imposed that are significantly higher than current ones.  So far, the City has identified no other options for management of housing loan programs and Lyndale Neighborhood Association is exploring whether they could take on the job.

Other business

Ruth reported that FNA needs to send CPP its written financial policies and procedures by the end of June.

                                                                                            Notes prepared by Dave Delvoye

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