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FNA Meeting Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 5/10/2017

Minutes of May 10, 2017

FNA Meeting 

Board Members Present: Katharine Brown, John Finlayson, Blaire Hartley, Steve Haslach, Jane Kohnen, Bart Phillips, Kimberly Rubel and Steve Young

Guests:  Ruth Olson, Dave Delvoye, Diane Moe and Andrew Michaelson

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.  Introductions were held. Bart is moving away from the neighborhood and is resigning from the Board. He can continue to provide website assistance for future grant programs; Ruth and Bart will check in on the status of this year’s grant recipients. There were no other additions or revisions to the agenda. 

Minutes:  Minutes from April 12, 2017 FNA meeting were reviewed. John moved to approve the Minutes; Steve Y. seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.

Pershing Park Report: Diane Moe reported:

  • There are five softball and four baseball teams at Pershing Park this spring.
  • Pershing will host a men’s softball league on Monday evenings this summer.
  • Program offerings for the fall are being finalized.
  • The Ice Cream Social is on July 21 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Ruth will arrange the ice cream, volunteers and for the band to play at 7 p.m. Diane will arrange for a bounce house and face painter.
  • The wading pool will open in early June.

Ward 13 Report: Councilmember Linea Palmisano reported:

  • At an upcoming Noise Oversight Committee hearing (5/17), it is expected that Delta will announce changes to its fleet focusing on quieter, Stage 5 planes. Arrivals are what affect the noise in Ward 13 the most.
  • The City of Edina is moving forward with its redevelopment plans at 49 ½ th & France. Work is expected to begin this summer and last two years. 49 ½ St. will go back to its original name- Market St. The construction will be phased and will start by adding a fourth level to an existing parking ramp to help ease the parking needs of customers and employees as other ramps are eliminated. Construction workers will park in other areas of the Edina and use a shuttle bus to get to the site. It is unclear about what will be happening with the Post Office.
  • Tinto at 50th & Penn has applied for and been granted a beer and wine liquor license. Neighbors were notified of the hearing, but there was a snag and the neighborhood associations did not receive notice. Most neighbors who provided comment were concerned about noise and parking.
  • Minneapolis Police Department is working on a Summer Policing Strategy to keep the city safe and in control. They will be focusing on foot patrols in high crime/activity areas. A discussion was held about the increase in crime, especially theft and theft from motor vehicles in the 5th Precinct.

Minnehaha Creek Walk: FNA and Lynnhurst will be hosting a walk along Minnehaha Creek in preparation for planning for capital improvements starting in 2018. We have invited elected officials at the city, county, state and Park Board; both Boards are also invited to attend. Meet at 54th & Zenith at 10 a.m. on June 3 and we will walk to Lynnhurst Park. Ruth will arrange treats and transportation back to the beginning spot. The Board gave approval to use Friends of Fulton funds to help pay for the treats.

Housing Loan Program Update: We have received notice from our housing loan program administrator, GMHC, that they will be significantly raising our administrative fees beginning June 1, 2017. We need to let them know by May 19 if we accept the new terms or want to discontinue our contract. The new terms call for a $2,500 annual fee plus a 13% origination fee on each loan processed. The Board previously discussed this change and voted to discontinue the program unless there was more information learned at a public meeting. Ruth attended the public meeting and circulated notes from the meeting ahead of time. The change in administrative fees is needed in order to keep the program running; there are many programs and agencies that use the services. The proposal has been modified to cap origination fees at $1,800. The Board does not feel this new information affects their original decision and the previous vote stands. Ruth will notify GMHC.

5133 Zenith: Jane spoke with the homeowner and will communicate with the Block Leader. 

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Survey – The small group has met and decided to start with open community feedback opportunities (Farmers Market, Movie Night, Open Streets, Festival, etc.) and then use those results to populate a survey. We will then hold a community meeting once the survey results are available. This work will begin over the summer.
  • Parking – This may become a larger issue with the redevelopment happening on the Edina side of 50th & France. The existing Critical Parking Zone on Ewing will help.
  • Seniors – One additional response came in requesting an exercise or walking club. We will try to get further feedback through the survey.

Coordinator’s Update:  Ruth Olson reported:

  • Per CPP guidelines, FNA needs to develop a Financial Policy. Ruth has examples and will work with Jim on this. Also per the guidelines, the NCR Access and Outreach staff is available to us to help reaching our underrepresented communities. They could either come to a Board meeting or set up a separate meeting with representatives from other neighborhoods, too. Jane, Blaire, Kimberly, Katharine and Steve Y would be interested in attending a separate meeting.
  • Ruth will request data about Fulton rentals and we can consider a networking event just for renters.
  • In rebuilding the website, we will need to start over with a new template for the Business Directory. The Board decided to NOT pursue a separate directory, but rather provide links to the 50th & France Business Association and the Southwest Business Association.
  • Board Members signed up to deliver New Neighbor kits to those blocks without a Block Contact.

Committee Reports:

  • Safety: There has been an overall increase in property crimes in the neighborhood over the first four months of the year. Burglaries to homes and businesses are down, but thefts from home and motor vehicles are up significantly.
  • Community Engagement: Festival planning is starting.
  • Environment: It appears there has been a problem with the Neighborhood Forests program at Southwest High School and it is unclear if the tree giveaway has happened, yet.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:27 p.m.          

Minutes prepared by Ruth Olson, Neighborhood Coordinator

Approved by FNA Board:  _______________________

Signed: _____________________________________

                       Blaire Hartley, Secretary

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