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Finance Committee Minutes

Fulton Neighborhood Association Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 6/7/2017


Notes from the Fulton Finance committee meeting of June 7, 2017 


John Finlayson, Jane Kohnen, Jim Tincher and Ruth Olson 


Ruth will soon begin work on the next FNN; she has asked the City of Edina for information to share with Fulton residents about the upcoming series of development projects and upgrades at 50th & France. This information will be updated in future newsletters, as necessary. Jane will contact Michael’s Lamp Studio to see if there is an update we can share on their behalf.

Community Engagement committee

The committee has started planning the Fall Festival. The have looked into the possibility of the Farmers Market coming over and hosting a joint event that day; the FM Board will discuss. They have also looked into the possibility of hosting a beer tent at the festival, but it appears that our costs would be $1,200+ just for permits, supplies and Park Police. The committee is also looking into upgrading dessert choices to Sebastian Joe’s ice cream and possibly Dough Dough cookie dough truck.

The Ice Cream Social/Movie Night is scheduled for July 21.

Safety committee

There have been very few reports this month- mainly Theft from Motor Vehicle.

Environment committee

Ruth has supplied the committee with copy cards from the UPS Store for their photocopying needs this summer.


Ruth has notified Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation that Fulton will discontinue their housing programs based on the increased fee schedule.

Other business

Several neighbors expressed concern about a fence at 57th & France (in Edina). A meeting was held with Hennepin County, who installed the fence.

The Creekwalk on June 3 was a huge success with elected officials and staff from the City, County, Park Board and Watershed District. A Memorandum of Understanding among parties has been signed in order to increase communication, planning and to maximize funding sources.

Jane noted that the fence (private property) at 47th & Xerxes has been severely damaged by high school students waiting for the bus. She would like to investigate ways that FNA could help repair and shelter the fence from further damage.

The owner of Subway at 50th & Drew has approached FNA with the idea of a mural on the side of the building facing Drew. He is pursuing permission of the owner and would then like to partner with FNA to call for original art submissions and installation.

                                                                                                                Notes prepared by Ruth Olson

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