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Housing & Zoning






Join the Housing Committee

The Fulton Housing Committee meets on an as-needed basis.  Contact the FNA Coordinator, to find out how you can get involved.

Zoning Committee

The Fulton Zoning Committee is empowered by FNA to review neighborhood zoning and development issues.  The committee meets the first Monday of the month at Pershing Park, 48th Street and Chowen Avenue South, at 7:00 p.m.

What you need to know:

  • Before coming to a Zoning Committee meeting, please contact us by e-mail or phone about your proposed variance, development project or other zoning issue so that we can inform the committee.
  • We can be reached at or call 612-922-3106.
  • The FNA Zoning Committee does not write letters of support for projects.  The committee can only agree to object or not object to any given proposed variance.
  • The Fulton Zoning Committee has developed Fulton Design Guidelines for Redevelopment to help residents, builders and remodelers in the neighborhood to understand what types of housing exist in Fulton and what types of development would be desirable in the future.

The public now has easier access to development plans for any project that has submitted a site plan review application for City Planning Commission review (generally, this is required for new non-residential or mixed use buildings and developments with five or more new residential units).  Links to development plans are available directly from online Commission agendas, which may be accessed using the following link:

Requested Variances


2314 W. 53rd St





5117 Abbott




10 Russell Court





4826 Chowen Ave S


variance application to allow the construction of a new deck on a steep slope in the SH Shoreland Overlay District

variance to reduce the minimum front yard requirement to allow a second story addition to a single-family dwelling

variance to the Shoreland Overlay District to install a deck and hot tub on a steep slope on the property

variance to allow a lot division resulting in two separate parcels:

  • Variance to reduce the minimum lot width requirement.
  • Variance to reduce the minimum lot area requirement.

FNA Zoning Committee















Reviewed on 3/17/2016

City of Minneapolis

Public Hearing on 3/30/17, 4:30 pm. in Room 317 City Hall



Public Hearing on 2/16/17, 4:30 pm. in Room 317 City Hall



Public Hearing on 9/15/16- 4:30 pm. in Room 317 City Hall



Public Hearing on 4/21/16- 4:30 pm. in Room 317 City Hall.

44 Forest Dale variance to reduce the required east interior side yard in order to allow a shed for the property located at 44 Forest Dale in the R1 Single-Family District and SH Shoreland Overlay District. Reviewed on 2/3/16

Public Hearing on 3/3/16- 4:30 pm. in Room 317 City Hall.


B.L.E.N.D. Awards

Visit the B.L.E.N.D. Award website for more information about this year’s B.L.E.N.D. Award. 
To encourage and reward builders, architects, and home owners to blend newly remodeled or constructed homes and businesses into the fabric of southwest Minneapolis neighborhoods.
The Fulton Neighborhood Association recognizes that redevelopment of the residential parts of the neighborhood is both a given and a positive indicator for the neighborhood. Our goals are to:
  1. ensure that the redevelopment builds upon the qualities that have made Southwest Minneapolis a place where people have chosen to live for so many years,
  2. ensure redevelopments respect the privacy, light access, private views of neighboring properties and maintain a human scale, and
  3. encourage redevelopment and construction of homes that are diverse and innovative in design but still compatible with the neighborhood. In crafting these guidelines, our organization recognizes that the type of buildings that are appropriate on one block would not necessarily be appropriate if they were built on another block. For this reason, we are not recommending inflexible measures, but instead that the designers consider the homes in the immediate vicinity of their home when building or remodeling.

Join the Zoning Committee

Join the Fulton Zoning Committee.  We meet the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at Pershing Park.  Contact us at or call 612-922-3106.

Want more information?

Contact the FNA Coordinator to find out how you can get involved.