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New to Fulton?

Welcome, New Neighbor!

The Fulton Neighborhood Association (FNA) is pleased to welcome you to the Fulton Neighborhood. We hope you find Fulton to be an inviting neighborhood and an enjoyable place to make your home. Our neighborhood has great character and assets, including several neighborhood business areas, pleasant park facilities, quality schools, rich historic character, and a strong sense of community among its residents.

The majority of the blocks in the Fulton neighborhood are part of the block club and block contact system, connecting neighbors on each block for safety and community purposes. Hopefully, you have already been welcomed by your block leader and received our welcome gift of a Fulton neighborhood mug and coffee. Watch for more information brought to you by your block leader regarding safety issues and other neighborhood news that may be relevant to you. You will soon be receiving the Fulton Neighborhood News, a bi-monthly publication providing information pertinent to Fulton residents.

There are many opportunities for you to become involved with the Fulton neighborhood – you can give your input on neighborhood improvement issues or volunteer your time to help protect Fulton’s assets. Your neighborhood association, FNA, meets once a month on the second Wednesday at 7:00pm at Pershing Park. This association is designed to promote involvement in the community and to address social, cultural, recreational, educational and development issues in Fulton. There are a number FNA committees and ways to be involved.

If you have any questions, please call the Fulton Neighborhood line at (612) 922-3106 and the Neighborhood Coordinator will be happy to respond.

Getting Started

The following links direct you to some useful information that you may need as you get settled in Fulton.