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There are many transportation options for traveling in and around Minneapolis. From numerous bus routes to car sharing to an even newer concept: bike sharing. Check out the links below to start exploring in and around Fulton.

Bus Routes in/through Fulton

You can get just about anywhere in Minneapolis and St. Paul by hopping on one of the bus routes that bisect our neighborhood. Routes travel north-south along France Ave S and Xerxes Ave S and east-west along West 50th Street. Their destinations include University of Minnesota via Uptown Transfer Station (Route 6), an express University route (Route 152), downtown Minneapolis (Route 146), St. Paul and Light Rail via 46th Street/ (Route 46).  For current bus schedules, go to Metro Transit’s website,, and click on their ROUTES tab at the top of the page.

Car Sharing Program

HourCar and Car to Go are great alternatives if you only have occasional need for a car. Many car rental locations are located in SW Minneapolis and many cars can be rented hourly or daily.


Minneapolis is known for its bike commuters and is second only to Portland, Oregon – quite a feat for such a wintry city. New and updated bike lanes are planned for the Southwest in the next few years, easing north-south travel in and out of downtown. For bike enthusiasts, check out a map of bike routes throughout the Metro Area at the Metropolitan Council’s website.

Bike Rental

There are several options for renting bicycles in our area. They can be rented hourly or by the day.
Nice Ride
Wheel Fun Rentals

Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a public transportation system for individuals who are unable to use existing transportation systems for various reasons.