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Your Organics Cart is Coming!


If you signed up by Feb. 1 to participate in the City of Minneapolis organics recycling program, your cart has been scheduled to be delivered. You can check this interactive map to determine when you will receive your cart: If you signed up after Feb. 1, you will receive your cart by the end of July, 2016.

You will receive a welcome kit in the mail the week before a cart is delivered.  The welcome kit includes:
·         Welcome and thank you for signing up letter
·         Home Setup Tips brochure
·         Quick reference magnet
·         Coupons for compostable bags, kitchen collection pails and other compostable products
·         Starter kit of 10 mini-kitchen pail sized compostable bags

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February 1st SIGN-UP DEADLINE to receive your organics recycling cart this spring


The second phase of the City’s new organics recycling program kicks off this spring with cart deliveries for the remainder of Minneapolis single family homes, duplexes, and triplexes. Request your green organics recycling collection cart to start composting food waste (including meat, bones and dairy), compostable paper products, food-soiled papers (non-recyclable papers like napkins, pizza boxes), and much more. Carts and collection service are available at no extra fee.

Click here or call 612-673-2917 to register by FEBRUARY 1st to be included in the spring cart delivery. Anyone who signs up after that date can still participate but will have to wait until at least July for their cart. If you live in an apartment building you may not be eligible for collection services but you can bring your compostables to one of seven free organics recycling drop-off sites.

Questions about program sign-up: Email

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2015 Minneapolis Energy Fair


The City of Minneapolis asked us to share this information with our neighbors:

Learn how to save money and help the environment at the inaugural Minneapolis Energy Fair sponsored by NRG Energy. This family friendly event will feature a variety of presenters highlighting ways to make your home energy efficient with the opportunity to learn more about solar options for your home.

Sat., Oct. 10
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Xcel Energy, CenterPoint Energy, Center for Energy and Environment, and Clean Energy Resource Team representatives will be on site to answer questions and provide information on signing up for money saving programs.

· Kid’s activities
· Xcel Energy sponsored free LED lightbulbs
· Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy sponsored free
          Home Energy Squad Visits
· Grand prize giveaway
· Complimentary continental breakfast

Questions? Contact Michael Rainville, 612-767-8074

For more information:

Meet Minneapolis invite:
CEE EventBrite:

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FNA Bees & Butterflies Habitat Group to Meet on Sept. 30

FNA has recently started an interest group to help plan a bees and butterfly habitat support project. The project is being funded by a $5,000 grant from Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. We invite all neighbors to join us in planning this important new project for the neighborhood.

Wed., Sept. 30
8 a.m.
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
(4801 France Ave S)

At the meeting we will provide updates on progress in relation to research individual members are conducting to identify the correct city-wide contacts for each of our projects, discuss identifying a committee chair, determine a schedule for monthly meetings over the next 6 months, and work to identify the next steps required to work towards implementing a bee and butterfly program for Fulton in the spring of 2016!

For more information on this group, please contact Jenny Monroe at

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Excess Leaves and Debris on Streets and in Storm Drains

Several neighbors have expressed concern about the condition and amount of debris on the streets now that the snow has melted. Here is the response from the City:

“As you may remember, we were snowed out of the last four days of the fall sweeping program. Consequently there are many neighborhoods and hundreds, even thousands, of storm drains across the City that have excess leaves and debris on the street and in the storm drains. We generally won’t be able to fully sweep streets until we commence the comprehensive spring sweep in April. Unless there are some locations that are so plugged that there is a risk of flooding and property damage, that is our most efficient way to deal with them. Sweeping without posting and enforcing the parking restrictions will just leave too much leaf and debris in the streets so that early rains would likely just reclog many storm drains.

Crews are generally aware of problem spots and might have a chance to clear some storm drains. If folks have some particularly bad, specific locations, they can report them through 311, and crews may get a chance to clear some storm drains prior to the sweep.

Please do report specific storm drains or streets and ask your neighbors to do the same!”

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Residential Organics Waste Drop-off Site Coming to Armatage Park

Solid Waste and Recycling in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Armatage Neighborhood Association are proud to announce the opening of residential organics drop-offs at Armatage Park.  The drop-off will be open beginning on Tuesday October 14, 2014.

Residential organics include all food waste (including food items that you should not compost in a backyard bin such as meat, bones and dairy), food-soiled and non-recyclable paper, and other compostable materials such as coffee grounds, filters, cotton swabs, dryer lint, and popsicle sticks.  Yard waste and pet waste are not accepted.  Residents must drop-off their organic materials in a compostable bag (either paper or certified compostable plastic).  Larger items such as pizza boxes and wax coated boxes do not need to be bagged.

The drop-off is open to all Minneapolis residents at no cost.  For the first six weeks to two months, the drop-off will have the following designated delivery times when volunteers will be on site to answer questions, train new participants, and gather some information from residents that will be used to help craft the message for the future city-wide organics collection program.

·         Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

·         Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

It is anticipated that drop off hours will expand once the orientation period is complete after six weeks to two months.

For more information on the Residential Organics Recycling Program and Drop-Offs in the City:

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Creek Corridor Survey Results

Over the course of the past year and a half, Fulton, Lynnhurst and Armatage Neighborhood Associations have been asking residents “What would you do?” along Minnehaha Creek between Lynnhurst Community Center and Zenith Ave S.  They have collected information through feedback boards right along the creek and the Fulton Farmers Market, online requests, engagement at annual festivals, a Creek Walk, a survey and a Community Creek Meeting held on March 22.  It has been a fun and exciting project and gave us the chance to hear from a wide variety of residents in the three neighborhoods.

Please click here to view the Survey Results.

Please click here to view the Community Meeting Results.

Please click here to view the Dotmocracy Results.

The results from the survey, community meeting and dotmocracy will be given to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, which will continue the community engagement process with residents and begin   consideration of potential design changes with a target date of 2018.





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The Path to an Environmentally-Friendly Landscape

Spring Forum

Sat., March 15

9-10:45 a.m.

                                                              Lynnhurst Community Center

Growing a healthy lawn in Minnesota can be a challenge.  Our first speaker will help you gain
a better understanding of how to create and maintain a healthy, more environmentally-friendly lawn.

If you’ve been thinking about having less of your high-maintenance lawn and more of an
environmentally diverse and sustainable landscape, but you’re not sure where to start, our second presentation will address the process.

Speakers: Sam Bauer, Turfgrass Extension Educator, University of Minnesota
Theresa Rooney, Hennepin County Master Gardener

Forum co-sponsored by the LEC and LYNAS

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Join the ReUse Round Up!

Many of us have a perfectly good dresser, chair, or bookcase sitting in the garage. We would take it to Goodwill or ARC – if only we could borrow a truck. Or we’d leave it out on the curb for City collection, but hate to think that it would be landfilled or burned. If only we could easily get our unwanted items into the hands of someone for whom it will be a real treasure.

That’s where ReUse RoundUp comes in. On Friday evening October 25th (or before 8am on Saturday the 26th) Linden Hills and Fulton neighbors are encouraged to set usable, unwanted, large items on the curb. We ask participants to RSVP here by October 20 with a brief description of what you plan on leaving on your block. This makes it easier for neighbors to find useful items to pick up and we will be able to track the amount of waste diverted from trash. Last year we cleared over 4 tons of stuff from basements and garages!
On October 26th, neighbors can browse a giant, free curbside sale. Anything that hasn’t been picked up for reuse by neighbors should be placed in your recycling or trash cart, or labeled “Solid Waste” for City collection. Click here to see a list of what is and isn’t accepted. More info can be found at 

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What Would You Do…? Community Walk

Sat., Oct. 19

9 a.m.   

Meet at 54th St. & Zenith Ave S

(rain date:  Sun., Oct. 20 at 1 p.m.)

Armatage, Fulton and Lynnhurst Neighborhood Associations have spent the summer and early fall asking “What Would You Do” along Minnehaha Creek from Zenith Ave east to Lynnhurst Recreation Center.  The responses have varied and we heard from several folks that they don’t have a good understanding of what the Creek and its surrounding areas have/don’t have to offer along that stretch.

In order to provide a better understanding of the area, the three neighborhoods would like to host a Community Walk along the creek.  This will give residents a chance to see and experience the current condition of the creek area and help us generate a wish list of improvements (or no improvements) that would help make the creek an even better asset to our communities. 

Please join us on the 19th for a community walk with your neighbors along Minnehaha Creek!  We’ll start at 54th St. & Zenith Ave S and walk east to the Lynnhurst Recreation Center.  We’ll help transport people back to the starting point when we are through.  Wear comfortable shoes. 

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