FNA Racial Equity Committee Resources

The Racial Equity Committee is focused on increasing equity within the Fulton neighborhood by ensuring the FNA adopts equitable practices for all community members, engaging with neighbors and building understanding through education and connection. The Racial Equity Committee support policies that address systemic inequities on a local level. Interested in joining the Racial Equity Committee? Contact us at fna@fultonneighborhood.org and we’ll get you connected!

Racial Equity Workbook

The Spheres of Influence Workbook  is designed to help you understand what racism is, where it shows up, and what is in your power to help create racial equity. Once complete, you will walk away with ideas and resources to understand the role you can uniquely play to help build a more just society for all.

Spheres of Influence Workbook. 




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Braver Angels event on Depolarizing Conversations