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Archive for May, 2010

Memorial Tree Planting Honors Tom Broder

Fulton Neighborhood Association honored the memory of Tom Broder by planting a beautiful large oak at Pershing Park, 3523 West 48th Street in Minneapolis, on Saturday, May 15, 2010.  A group of family, friends and community members gathered late Saturday morning to watch the tree planting and to speak about Tom and his contributions to the community.

Broder, who was a well-known restaurateur, Fulton resident and involved neighborhood advocate, passed away in 2008.  He was a member of the FNA Board for a number of years and was a passionate and valued member of the Fulton neighborhood and the greater Minneapolis community.

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White Space Architecture

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Make Way for New Trees

65 stumps removed; 50 new trees to be planted

The Fulton Environment Committee has partnered with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board to remove over 65 boulevard tree stumps in the neighborhood this spring.  Park Board funding is not available to keep up with the stump removal of trees dying due to disease or damage.  With the onset of the Emerald Ash Borer, we know we are going to lose many more neighborhood trees.  The Committee wanted to contribute to cleaning up the boulevards and getting new trees planted in advance of the significant removal of ash trees.

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Forestry Division will be planting 50 new boulevard trees in Fulton this spring.  While most of the new trees will be maples, the MPRB Forestry crew will also plant Japanese tree lilac, disease-resistant elm, honey locust, hackberry, river birch and ginkgo.

All of these trees will need special care.  The MPRB Forestry Division plants over 3,000 new trees yearly and has over 300,000 to care for throughout Minneapolis, so after the initial watering, the homeowner is asked to take over as caregiver.  The newly-planted trees need an inch of rainfall each week.  If rain does not come, the new trees need help. This is true for any tree less than five years old.  The easiest way to water is to place a hose at the base of the tree, set at a slow trickle, for one hour, or to slowly pour eight five-gallon buckets of water around the roots of the tree.

If you want a new boulevard tree planted next spring (2011), you can call 612-370-4900 to request a tree.  If you have a preference for a particular tree, you can request one from the varieties that are appropriate boulevard trees.  (See list of trees above.)  Park crews will determine if conditions allow for planting a tree.  For valuable tree information on planting, caring for, and removal of trees in Minneapolis, visit

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Fulton Block Club – Block Contacts Needed

Join the Fulton Block Club and help welcome new neighbors to your block with a Fulton Welcome Packet.  This is an easy and fun way to make a contribution to the neighborhood.  If you live on one of the blocks listed below and would like to volunteer,  please contact Block Facilitator Lisa McCleary at or 612-920-7954.  Block contacts are also occasionally asked to help disseminate neighborhood information to their block.

Block contacts needed:

5200 Abbott 5100 Drew 5100 France 4900 Russell 5200 Vincent 4800 York
5000 Beard 5200 Drew 5200 France 5100 Russell 5300 Vincent 4900 York
5300 Beard 5300 Drew 4800 Penn 4800 Thomas 5100 Washburn  5200 York 
4800 Chowen 4800 Ewing 4900 Penn  4900 Thomas  4700 Xerxes 5300 York
5200 Chowen 5100 Ewing 5000 Penn 5000 Thomas 5000 Xerxes  4900 Zenith 
Cromwell Ct. 5200 Ewing 4800 Queen 4700 Upton 5100 Xerxes  
Cromwell Dr. 4700 France 5100 Queen 5000 Upton 5200 Xerxes  
4800 Drew 4800 France Red Cedar 4700 Vincent 5300 Xerxes   
4900 Drew 4900 France 4800 Russell 4900 Vincent 4700 York  
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